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Instafire 2 Gallon Bucket

Instafire 2 Gallon Bucket

A 2 gallon bucket of InstaFire fuel in bulk.

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2 Gallon bucket of InstaFire Fuel.Fuel is composed of inert minerals and recycled wood, protected with a refined paraffin wax blend. InstaFire is a safe and easy fire starter, and does not contain any harmful chemicals or emissions. InstaFire is not actively flamable and does not pose any explosive risks, so you do not need to worry about sudden flareups. It is the ideal heat source for cooking meals, boiling water or staying warm in a crisis.

To use:

1. Pour 1/2 cup of InstaFire on a nonflammable surface.

2. Light InstaFire

3. For optimal results, stir occasionally until completely burned.

4. When using as the only fuel source, add 1/2 cup of InstaFire every 15-20 minutes to keep the fire burning.

WEIGHT: 6.4 lbs