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Humless Sentinel Solar Kit Generator

Humless Sentinel Solar Kit Generator

Portable and Silent Humless Sentinel Generator with Solar Kit.

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This solar kit includes all you need to charge your Sentinel generator using direct sunlight.

Set up time takes less than 5 minutes (no wiring or assembly required) and generator will fully charge after 8 hours of direct sunlight, ready to power whatever devices you need.

Your Humless Sentinel Solar Kit comes with:

(1) Humless Sentinel with included accessories

(1) 100W Polycrystalline Solar Panel

(1) 20' Solar Panel Extension Cord

(1) 10W LED Floodlight (600 lumens!)

(1) 12VDC Extension cord

(1) Humless Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight (250 lumens!)

50Ah Lithium Battery provides 600Wh of power using DC

Battery rating: 2,000 complete charge/discharge cycles

Battery shelf-life 10 Years

Battery charge time 2.5hrs (from a fully discharged battery-pack)

Integrated 20A smart-charger with PWM high efficiency charging

1000W Continuous / 2000W peak 120VAC Output (Pure Sine Wave)

Integrated battery protection / charge control module

Dual fusing for maximum overload and short circuit protection

USB 2 x 5 V @ 500 mA / 2 x 5V @ 2100mA


(2) 110VAC outlet; (2) 12VDC Outlet; (4) USB Outlets


(1) Universal input for 12VDC charging; (2) DC socket inputs;

(1) Socket for AC charge chord (100-240VAC)